"By re-purposing tools utilized to create uncommissioned Graffiti, I address a paradox in the identity of Graffiti as an art movement within the context of modern Art History. Graffiti is the most up-and-coming art movement in this century. Its current form/practice started in the United States and has been spreading around the world for nearly 50 years, yet remains largely unrecognized by mainstream society as a legitimate school of art such as Modernism or Impressionism.

Arranging into traditional art forms, such as sculptures and paintings, the very instruments employed in the act and practice of Graffiti now question the complexity between the movement of Graffiti itself and its perception alongside other art movements in history. These works, which feature used spray paint cans, inks dripped from refill bottles in combination with resin, acrylic and enamel, represent comical, implausible, and authentic scenarios in the life of a Graffiti artist."



Born in South Miami during the mid-1980's, Emerald (also known as Echo or Lady Echo) grew up as the youngest and only daughter in a family of three boys. As a young girl, her favorite activity was riding on the back pegs of her oldest brother's bike while being taught how to read the signatures of Graffiti artists from around their neighborhood.

By 1994, Emerald had a "tag" and was learning how to use spray paint. In 1999, she began pursuing Graffiti and Art as a passion. She attended a pre-college program at Pratt Institute in New York City (just before 9/11) during the summer of 2001, receiving only a month of formal training in painting, drawing and art history. She has continued painting ever since.

Many of Emerald's works can be found interacting in public spaces throughout the United States and Europe, or rolling along freight lines from the United States to Mexico and Canada.



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Collective Exhibitions


February 2021| Women of Crypto Art: Graffiti Queens  | Decentraland

July 2020| Fabric of America: Artists in Protest  | Museum of Graffiti | Miami, FL. USA

February 2020| Ladies First  | Montana Shop | Los Angeles, CA. USA

November 2019| Let That Sh*t Go: Poopouri  | Pacific Park | Santa Monica, CA. USA

April 2019 | Superbloom  | Buckwild Gallery | Los Angeles, CA. USA

December 2018 | BlickMart  | Blick| Santa Monica, CA. USA

July 2018 | Paint For Pauly  | The Graff Lab | Venice, CA. USA

June 2018 | Mar Vista Art Walk  | Rising Sons Independent | Los Angeles, CA. USA

March 2018 | Tease | Zen and Kush | Los Angeles, CA. USA

September 2017 | We Exist | Hitman | Los Angeles, CA. USA

July 2017 | UNAUTHORIZED | SFMOMA | San Francisco, CA. USA

June 2017| DTLA Artwalk Pop Up | Dejavita HQ | Los Angeles, CA. USA

May 2017| DTLA Artwalk Pop Up | Dejavita HQ | Los Angeles, CA. USA

March 2017| Näkyväksi neulottu (collaboration with Niina Mantisen)| Sinkka Museum | Kerava, Finland

August 2016| POW!WOW! Antelope Valley | Museum of Art & History | Lancaster, CA. USA

May 2016| Ridin Dirty 2 | Art Primo | Seattle, WA. USA

April 2016| Nude Survey Five | MuzeuMM | Los Angeles, CA. USA

October 2015| Every Angeleno Counts | Homeboy Industries | Los Angeles, CA. USA

July 2015 | RF Graffiti Zone 2015| Roskilde Festival | Roskilde, Denmark

March 2015|Delia Brown Benefit Auction | C Nichols Project | Los Angeles, CA. USA

December 2014 |All Work and No Play | Art Primo Seattle | Seattle, WA. USA

November 2014 |The Jacket Show Pt 2 | Oakland Terminal Gallery | Oakland, CA. USA

October 2014| Every Angeleno Counts | Homeboy Industries | Los Angeles, CA. USA

July 2014 | RF Graff 2014| Roskilde Festival | Roskilde, Denmark

December 2013| Wish List | Gabba Gallery | Los Angeles, CA. USA

October 2013| Steel Heels | Nelson Street Gallery | Atlanta, GA. USA

April 2013| Garden Exhibit | Notre Dame Estate | London, UK

March 2010 | Steel Wheels | Traveling Exhibit | Miami, FL. USA

May 2004| The Street Changes Forever Everywhere | Space Gallery | Pittsburgh, PA. USA